Service Publishing provide free high-quality colour church, charity, club or association diaries and publications in both printed and digital formats allowing you to reach out to your parishioners or members.

With over 40 years industry experience in publishing and printing, Service Publishing has embraced the changes in society and offers social media friendly digital publications and diaries to accompany the traditional printed copies. These are produced FREE, for your church, charity, club or organisation and are funded by local companies wishing to support the publication or diaries, by way of advertising their services.

Simon Scoble


Having worked on church and charity diaries and publications for over 10 years, Simon has a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the ecclesiastical publishing industry. Simon started his career in the printing industry as a 16 year old apprentice, and attended the London College of Printing. Initially working on mainstream publications such as the "Economist" and "Amateur Photographer" in his early career, before specialising in the fast moving world of the direct mail sector of the industry.